“Contestable consumers” are eligible consumers who have switched to buy electricity from an electricity retailer or from the wholesale electricity market, instead of remaining as a non-contestable consumer and buy electricity from SP Services Limited (SPS) at the regulated tariff.

You can check your contestability status via Open Electricity Market here.

You can find out how to apply to become contestable via Open Electricity Market here.

Yes, once you have been classified as a contestable consumer, SPS will open a Market Support Services (MSS) account for you and inform you of the MSS account number and contestability start date.

The government has progressively liberalised the retail electricity market to promote the efficient supply of competitively priced electricity, with plans to open up the market eventually to full competition. The introduction of competition among the retailers has benefitted contestable consumers with improved services, greater efficiency, competitive prices and innovative products.

In April 2014, the contestability threshold was lowered from 10,000 kWh to 8,000 kWh to allow more non-residential consumers to be eligible for retail contestability. It was subsequently lowered to 4,000 kWh in Oct 2014, and 2,000 kWh in July 2015. These phases are known as Increased Retail Contestability (IRC). In total, about 89,500 accounts (or 33,000 C&I consumers) are eligible to be contestable. Currently, a commercial or industrial (C&I) consumer with an average monthly electricity consumption of at least 2,000 kWh (the monthly electricity bill is about $400) is eligible to become contestable.

EMA is working towards fully liberalising the market, empowering the remaining 1.3 million small consumers, mainly households, to choose whether to remain on the regulated tariff or switch to buy electricity from retailers at market prices. This phase is known as Full Retail Contestability (FRC) or Open Electricity Market (OEM).

You can get more information on the Singapore Electricity Market via EMA website here here.

A list of the licensed electricity retailers can be found here.

  • Electricity retailers can provide packages with different price plans and services to suit differing usage patterns. If you decide to buy electricity from them, you will be billed directly by your retailer based on the commercially agreed electricity price.
  • It is not compulsory for you to switch to become a contestable consumer. No action is required from you if you choose to stay as a non-contestable consumer and continue to buy electricity from SPS at the regulated tariff.

Upon finalising the commercial details with the retailer of your choice, your electricity retailer will submit a transfer request to the Market Support Services Licensee on your behalf. SPS will need at least one business day to process the transfer from SPS to retailer, and approximately 5 business days to process the transfer from one retailer to another.

Your new retailer will be able to advise you accordingly.

No. SP PowerAssets (SPPA), as the transmission licensee, remains responsible for the physical delivery of electricity supply to your premises regardless of which option you choose. Hence, you will continue to enjoy the same quality, safety and reliability of electricity supply if you choose to become contestable.

As a contestable consumer, you will buy electricity at market prices. As market prices for electricity depend on the supply and demand situation, there will be up cycles and down cycles. The price of electricity to different consumers may also differ depending on their individual consumption needs. For instance, some consumers may be prepared to pay a premium for a firm electricity price i.e. fixed price retail contracts versus fuel price indexed retail contracts.

  • Depending on the agreement made between you and your retailer, you will either receive one bill from your retailer covering all your electricity and transmission charges (consolidated billing), or two bills, one from SPS for transmission charges (on behalf of SP PowerAssets) and the second from your retailer covering electricity charges (split billing).
  • If you choose to remain non-contestable and continue to buy electricity from SPS at the regulated tariff, you will receive one consolidated bill covering all your electricity and transmission charges from SPS

Power Bersama

Power Bersama is committed to provide a reputable digital marketplace for the trading of electricity. We aims to provide a common unbiased platform to facilitate trade between electricity consumers and retailers through standardised and simplified procedures.

Buying electricity through Power Bersama is just a few clicks away:

  1. Create a Power Bersama account.
  2. Post an Electricity Request or select any of the standing offers from a licensed electricity retailer.
  3. If you have any queries to clarify any commercial issues or physical connections, you may reach out to the retailers through Power Bersama Messenger.
  4. Pick your preferred offer from a licensed electricity retailer, and start enjoying the customised package.

Power Bersama requires only the necessary information from you to maintain the user account and to facilitate trade. All information provided by you will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

  • You may post an Electricity Request to seek for the most competitive quote from electricity retailers.
  • Each Electricity Request shall states the required monthly consumption, contract period (which shall begin at least 1 month later), and the period (which shall span at least 7 days) for retailers to respond (Bidding Period).
  • After the Bidding Period is closed, you are allowed 7 days (Evaluation Period) to make a decision. During this period, you may clarify with the retailers on the commercial details, and pick your preferred offer by awarding the Electricity Request to the retailer.
  • Both Bidding Period and Evaluation Period shall end at 23:59 hours on the stated day.
  • If you do not get any bids after the Bidding Period ended or you do not award to any retailer after the Evaluation Period ended, your Electricity Request will be expired and terminated.
  • After award, you may rate the awarded retailer based on your purchase experience, their services rendered, responsiveness, etc.
  • Electricity retailers may offer their Fixed Price Standing Offers (Energy Charge only) for various tension consumers.
  • If consumers choose to take a Standing Offer from one retailer, the retailer is obliged to sell you at the stated price.
  • You shall states the required monthly consumption, contract period (which shall begin at least 2 weeks later) and proceed straight to conclude the deal with the selected retailer.

Currently, consumers can choose either fixed price or discount off tariff. We are working with retailers to provide more innovative products in the future.

A Fixed Price shall be a fixed price Energy Charge for the contract period. Depending on your tension, other charges such as Transmission Charges, Energy Market Company (EMC) Charges, and MSS Charges may apply. You may contact your preferred retailer to clarify further.

A Discount off Tariff shall be a fixed percentage discount off the regulated Tariff published by SPS for the contract period. Depending on your tension, other charges such as Transmission Charges, Energy Market Company (EMC) Charges, and MSS Charges may apply. You may contact your preferred retailer to clarify further.

No. Power Bersama aims to provide an unbiased platform that facilitate trades. All retailers are given fair chance to compete and we do not take position in any deals.

Power Bersama provide a one stop solution to both electricity consumers and retailers. It is the digital marketplace that bring electricity consumers to retailers and allowing retailers to reach out to their customers, provide consumers with the most competitive offers and uncompromised services. Both electricity consumers and retailers are set to benefit from this common platform