About Us


Power Bersama is committed to providing a reputable digital marketplace for the trading of electricity. Through standardised procedures to facilitate and simplify trade, we aim to create value for both consumers as well as retailers of electricity.


Power Bersama strongly believes in the liberalisation of electricity – one of mankind’s oldest and most important commodities – enabling it to be freely traded in Singapore, without restriction. Furthermore, we extend our firm support towards the use and trade of other sources of energy, so that our nation can develop its future sustainably and responsibly.

About Us

As our nation opened the market for electricity retailers and consumers, a strong need emerged for a platform that provides standardised procedures to facilitate trade and allocate resources efficiently – so that buying and selling electricity becomes as simple as a few clicks. That is why, we came together to create Power Bersama* – an online market where people are connected, electricity prices are discovered, and good service is rewarded.
Through our services, electricity consumers can obtain the best offers and services available, while retailers are able to reach out to more customers, and manage more accounts.
Thus, Power Bersama believes in rewarding all our stakeholders – because when we work together, we can benefit together.

* “Bersama” means “together” in English.